Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Skyward Sword E3 2011 Trailer

Watch it here: Nintendo of Japan E3 coverage

I don't know what's sillier... the WiiU uPad or those strange looking Valoo birds?

Well, the trailer pretty much shows the beginning of the game. Expect some Ordon Village like tutorial sequence, where you probably learn how to ride the birds and stuff... and then some shitty story happens, where this Zelda version of Ilia gets kidnapped and Link tries to save her while he's guided by some Master Sword version of Midna. .... NOT AGAIN!!!! This is just Twilight Princess all over again. Except with a bird instead of a horse. And with a sky ocean as an excuse for an overworld. What happend to "back to the roots"? This is not back to the roots! Back to the roots would be "princess abducted, here's a sword, take care". Dropped in some world ready to explore. And not a three hour tutorial and story phase.

Also, this trailer confirms that Skyloft will be an overworld over the overworld... there are some holes in the sky and you jump in to get to the overworld below. If there's a real overworld and not just a collection of independent areas like in Spirit Tracks. Or just dungeons, where some dungeons are outdoor environments (like the forest in the E3 2010 demo)... Most of the non-sky footage so far has been dungeon gameplay, so it doesn't let me hope otherwise. But if it really works this way and this will be yet another Zelda game without a good overworld, then good job, Aonuma! No, really... Wasn't the ocean in The Wind Waker enough? Or the train riding in Spirit Tracks? What happened to Zelda games with a good overworld? The overworld is one of the most important things in a Zelda game, but gets really neglected lately.

But hey, they revived the "giant spider is chasing you" sequence from the 2nd Twilight Princess trailer, which never made it into the final game. But this time it's a giant flaming spider. Yeaaahhhhh.... wait, I hate being chased by stuff, not fun. Duh. If there's one thing from the early Twilight Princess trailers, where I'm happy, that it got cut, then it's this.

Well, this trailer gets me as exicted as the trailer from the GDC. Not at all, actually quite the opposite... when does this game come out? Ah, well, I don't care right now... Luckily Link's Awakening was released for the eShop today, so people can experience how a good Zelda game looks like.

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lionofjudah13 said...

The graphics look awesome, but what I'm stuck on is it being originally a wii game. I'm a game controller by nature. I'd really rather try the game out first though before slamming it though. I'm so excited for the Ocarina of Time remake on 3Ds though ^.^