Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Skyward Sword: Bottle and Shield Menu

More and more demo footage is popping up and in this one you can take a look at how the shields are organized. Actually they are now part of the Potions menu:

Actually in the demo you got five bottles and three shields, maybe in the final game it will be four shields and four bottles. I guess, the stronger the shield, the more expansive it is. If it gets destroyed, it will disappear from the menu. I would have thought the same about the potions, if you drink them, they disappear. Like in the NES, GameBoy or Nintendo DS Zelda games. But they don't, this looks like they are actually empty bottles now.

But the point is, that they made switching the shields really comfortable. Which is interesting, it's not like the boots in Ocarina of Time, where you have to swap them all the time. It would be okay for something like this to be part of the status/inventory menu. Maybe they made it so, because then you can swap swiftly to a new shield, if your old shield gets destroyed during combat... or maybe the better the shield, the heavier it is, which then slows you down while running or uses up the endurance bar faster.

However, all of this also means, that there probably won't be any different armors/tunics or boots. Or alternative swords. If they already used up one entire menu for the shields and potions, there isn't much space left. And it wouldn't make much sense to include a quick change for shields, but not for swords or other things.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info!

TourianTourist said...

Actually this info is completely outdated.

The menu is called "Adventure Pouch" and can be freely assigned with different items like bottles, shields, seed satchels, bomb bags, quivers and medals. You get eight slots and you have to decide yourself what items you want to bring into the next quest. It's a nice system, which adds a little RPG element to Zelda.