Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Minish Cap Manga

Reading a manga is actually quite a fast task, it might even take longer to write this review than reading the manga. Well, not really, but let's skip right to the good part. Link tries to look up Anju's skirt as a Minish, but nearly gets stepped on during the process. Hahaha, that scene was so out of place, I don't know, highlight of the entire manga...

And that's not saying much. Actually the manga starts pretty good, it even got scenes from official artwork redrawn and it features the Deepwood Shrine in unusual detail. But then the whole thing went down the non-canon road. It started with Melari refusing to forge anything, because his wife died in a conflict with the Forest Minish... I mean, how were the Mountain Minish even able to lumber a large enough amount of the forest, so the Forest Minish would actually bother? We're talking about real tiny beings here... And the Temple of Droplets was just some gathering place for the Minish, where they watch a "dayfairy", a fairy who only lives for so long, die. What the fuck? However, the whole story ended with ignoring the fact, that the "Sacred Blade" actually was the Four Sword. No Four Sword mentioned in the entire manga, Link didn't need to split up to defeat Vaati or anything. And then Vaati just returned back to normal, apologizing for being the bad guy and that's it. What the fuck? No, weird female mangaka couple, no! I just recently played the game again and this is not how it happened! You should have known better, after all you made the FOURS SWORDS manga before this one! The Minish Cap started the whole tyranny of Vaati until he became just another random subordinate of Gannnon.

What was cool though, next to the Anju upskirt peek, was Link defeating the Gyorg couple by confusing the eyes of the female (the bigger one was the female, right?) ... similar to those eye puzzles in Skyward Sword. Now you know where they got the idea from!

Next manga will be... I don't know yet, call it a surprise.

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