Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Phantom Hourglass Manga

Okay, this was the first manga in my new collection, which I decided to read. I had never read this one before, so this was actually a new experience. This is also the latest Zelda manga from Akira Himekawa.

Like in most of the mangas the story followes loosely the game's plot. But only two dungeons are mentioned, the Temple of the Ocean King and the Temple of Fire. Cyclok and Crayk are faced outside of dungeons and nothing from the eastern part of the sea, like the Gorons, the Anouki or the Cobble Kingdom and bosses like Eox or Gleeok, is featured in the manga. Jolene is getting the Phantom Sword from Zauz, which interestingly doesn't need any special metals or the Phantom Hourglass to be forged, while Link fights Phantom Linebeck at the bottom of the Ocean King Temple without the Phantom Sword. This is definitely messed up and overall the manga felt completely rushed. For example all of the bosses including Bellum were killed with one strike, which made them look really pathetic. "Oh, there's a boomerang!" *throws* -> boss dies. Also, they made a big deal out of the whole dynamic between Ciela and Linebeck, but to be totally honest, it was much more entertaining in the game.

I will keep these reviews short. There isn't much to say about the mangas anyway and I will probably just repeat myself.

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