Friday, June 10, 2011

Four Swords For Free Facts

Destructoid just confirmed, that Four Swords on DSiWare will be a port of the GameBoy Advance title. So, my speculations were correct and this is definitely the best choice. There is no urgent need to make Four Swords Adventures more accessible, since you can easily play this game alone in singleplayer. Four Swords on the other was always completely unplayable, if you didn't have someone to play with...

They also confirmed, that this game will also be available for free on the Nintendo 3DS eShop.

Well, how will the port work? Originally the game was connected to A Link to the Past, but they will most likely not give you A Link to the Past for free as well. But the only thing, which got unlocked by playing A Link to the Past, were the two additional sword techniques. So, you can easily seperate Four Swords from A Link to the Past and just make the sword techniques available on other means. For example collecting ten Medals of Courage and beating the game once as requirements for the Great Spin Attack and the Sword Beam would be logical choices, because those are the actions that unlocked new content in A Link to the Past. Besides that there shouldn't be any issues.

Online is in doubt though, especially since this game is for free and Nintendo isn't making any profit from it. And even the multiplayer mode of Spirit Tracks just featured local multiplayer, so I doubt that they will add an online mode to this game. It would be really, really awesome though. I mean, giving away this game for free already helps a lot, because then a lot of Nintendo 3DS/DSi owners will download this and want to play it. It will be much easier than finding someone with a copy of the original game, a GameBoy Advance and a cable. However, I don't have any friends, who buy Nintendo products or who like to play Zelda (which is why I blog about this topic, I need to channel my urge to talk about Zelda somewhere :D), so it still will be hard to find someone for playing this game with me. Online would solve this problem easily, there are lots of Zelda fans out there in the internet.

However, next to the point that Nintendo most likely just won't make the effort to include an all new online mode, there is also the issue of players who quit. It's not a big problem if someone quits a small gaming session like in Phantom Hourglass. However, if you're trying to beat a dungeon and one of the players quits right before the end, everyone is screwed, because you can't beat the dungeon anymore. This is not a game, where someone can easily join and quit. The dungeons are generated each time and their layouts and puzzles heavily depend on the player count...

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