Thursday, June 23, 2011

Zelda and a TV Wii Channel

Today the free Kirby TV Channel launches in Europe, which will stream an entire Kirby TV series to your Wii. I couldn't stand watching even one episode, but I also couldn't help thinking, why not do the same for the Zelda? As part of the whole 25th Anniversary celebration, they should release a special Zelda channel, which offers a retrospective of the entire series and streams the 13 episodes of the old TV show, which ran as part of the Super Mario Bros. Super Show. I wouldn't say that the show was good, but it definitely was entertaining in its own way and sometimes even hilarious. "Excuuuuuuse me, princess!"

It's always a problem, when Link starts to act and talk and is given a personality, because as a Zelda player you're not used to it. You're Link and your personal reactions count. For example I always thought that his (sometimes dumb) reactions in Twilight Princess were already too much, I'm not doing a stupid face, so why does Link do so in the game? However, you can't have a TV show or a manga with a protagonist, who shows no personality at all. You need to find the right balance here, Link should do something, but it should always mirror how the normal audience would react, so they can identify with Link easily, like they do in the games. But so far we got fairly underdeveloped Links in the mangas and extremely exaggerated Links with the TV show and the CD-i games. But it still can be entertaining, how Link tries to hit on Zelda, if you don't take the whole thing too seriously. And I like how Zelda is portrayed with a strong personality.

Of course the show is over 20 years old and completely outdated. It didn't even get the fact straight, that there are actually three of the TRIforces, even though Zelda II was already released at that time and the show even features enemies from that game... to dig up this old corpse probably would be a bad idea and you can't really compare this to the Kirby show, which isn't as old and even reached 50 episodes. Still I wanted to discuss this possibility, even though it's unlikely and probably not a good idea.

But if you're interested you can always watch the Zelda TV show on Youtube.

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