Tuesday, June 7, 2011

WiiU Announced

lol... okay, we got this cumbersome, stupid looking iPad clone with analog sticks on it as a new gimmicky toy that tries to hide the fact, that WiiU is just a graphical updated version of the Wii to lure in 3rd party developers and with them the "hardcore" gamers. That's it. Weak show, Nintendo, weak show.

However, they showed some awesome looking graphically updated Twilight Princess footage, where they use the touchscreen of the "uPad" (I just call it that way for now) for the inventory menu. This idea is nothing new or revolutionary in the Zelda series, Ocarina of Time 3D already did the same on the Nintendo 3DS. It's the magic of using two screens. But I guess, the Zelda games will continue to use the Wiimote, which means you can't really use the touch screen at the same time anyway.

It's cool for re-releases of The Wind Waker or Four Swords Adventures though. I already outlined this here, but the second screen could be used for stuff like the inventory, the Tingle Tuner and all the players in multiplayer. Update: There will be only one controller per system, so a Four Swords Adventure re-release using the pad is basically out of question. Tingle Tuner still works though...

Well, like the concept of using two screens, the whole concept of using a portable device as a controller isn't really new. They already did it with the GBA to Gamecube connection, they could have done it with a DS or 3DS to Wii connection, Sony is doing it with their Vitali thingy and the uPad is just the next evolution of this step. If it just wouldn't look so huge and silly...

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