Friday, June 10, 2011

Ocarina of Time 3D Preorder Box

Since they give you a free Ocarina of Time 3D soundtrack CD when you register the game early, as part of the 25th Anniversary celebration, I decided to buy the game next week, even though I don't have a Nintendo 3DS yet. So, I got one of those preorder boxes today. And here are some photos:

The Nintendo 3DS bag is surprisingly nice with the layered logo and the fake leather. It's quite thin though and I guess moving the 3DS in and out might take a little force, which is not good. Though I only tried it with my Nintendo DS Lite... However, there was no poster in the box, which is somehow disappointing. We won't be getting a poster with the game when it's released, like in UK (and I honestly don't want the US cover anyway), so I thought, they might put it in the box instead.

But do you know, who did get a poster for his preorder box? Duke Nukem did! Yeah, right, they were selling preorder boxes of Duke Nukem Forever, which came out today, and next to a poster it also included a cool shirt:

That's one nice preorder bonus! Since the game is out, the sold the boxes for 2 Euro and for that price I just had to get one, even though I'm not really interested in the game. But this is one awesome preorder bonus. Where's my Ocarina of Time 3D shirt and poster, Nintendo? Whatever, I guess our local electronic and media store will also throw out the Ocarina of Time 3D boxes next friday, since they had plenty of them left. They did the same for Metroid: Other M, but there it was no surprise, that no one preordered the game. So, I basically could have saved me the trouble of getting one of the OoT3D boxes today, but of course then I wouldn't have gotten this nice Duke shirt. It's perfect for the next Bad Taste party.

Too bad that the Nintendo of Europe site got attacked today, otherwise I would go for the Club Nintendo bonus Stars as well. Hopefully they'll fix their site until next week.

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