Sunday, June 26, 2011

Bugs & Glitches in Ocarina of Time 3D

In the latest Iwata Asks interview featuring Ocarina of Time 3D Grezzo stated that they actually kept some of the original bugs in the game and treated them like features, because they were fun and part of the original game's experience. It's something you share with other people, if you've discovered it. You might think, this is crazy, but there actually some diehard fans, who wouldn't like to see certain bugs go, because they could be used to do speedruns and alike. And sometimes bugs turn into valuable features, for example the strafe jumping in the Quake series was originally just a bug, but it became a recognizeable standard in the series and other Quake engine games. So, this is nothing unusual.

It even looks like Grezzo included new glitches on purpose. There's a weird glitch, where you start a new game with the Master Sword in Young Link's hands. This only happens after beating the game once and he holds the sword in an awkward stance, which doesn't appear anywhere else in the game. The sword disappears as soon as you get the Kokiri Sword and this really looks like Grezzo actually placed that there. You can also now enter Jabu Jabu's Belly as Adult Link, which is really cool. I'm looking forward to try out that one.

However, Grezzo also removed some bad bugs. This includes the nasty glitch, that prevented you from getting a Deku Nut capacity upgrade. I've written an article about missable items in Zelda earlier this year and I was hoping, that Grezzo would fix this, and according to reports from various Zelda forums they indeed did. It appears, that nothing is permanently missable in this version of Ocarina of Time and this is great news.

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